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Welcome to GambleFi DAO

Rebasing + Gambling

Zero Loss Betting

Zero Loss Betting

Users will receive their initial investment back even on a lost bet

NFT Booster

NFT Booster

Unique NFT system that offers users fair and balanced features
Burning System

Burning System

The first rebase token with an integrated burning mechanism
Smart Treasury

Smart Treasury

Our smart treasury grows gradually with each unboxing performed
Not the Usual OHM Fork

Rebasing System

GambleFi DAO is an innovative financial ecosystem, based on a rebase currency managed by a DAO.

Each BETIFY token is collateralized by various assets and held in the GambleFi Treasury, offering the currency an innate value that cannot fall below a certain floor price.

Furthermore, GambleFi DAO introduces innovative gamification systems, including the first zero loss betting system, and a booster box system which will reward users with special vesting reduction NFT Boosters for their bond purchases on the platform, making GambleFi DAO the first rebase token to feature NFT gamification features.

Zero Loss Sports Betting


GambleFi DAO features the first zero loss gambling system with initial investment return for a lost bet. Users will be able to bet on various sporting and esport events. Thankfully in our system the losers never lose their capital!

The users’ investment is accumulated and staked for a week in the most rewarding staking pool available. At the end of the betting period the staking pool rewards will be distributed between the winning betters, while the losers receive their initial investment back, creating a zero loss betting system. 

CronoSports Platform

Betting Platform

Our betting platform allows users to always break even on their bets, even in the worst case scenario possible.

Check out how CronoSports’ Zero Loss Sports Betting System works through our documents Here

Higher Earnings

Treasury Revenue Redistribution

As the GambleFi Treasury increments through fees from our services and external investments, BETIFY stakers have the chance to earn dividends through our treasury redistribution system, where they can wrap their staking receipt token BETSLIP to earn dividends from the Treasury’s revenue.

Two Ways to Open Booster Boxes

Users can unbox Boosters from our Booster Boxes, featuring various rarity tiers

Unbox with $BETIFY

When using $BETIFY 100% of the tokens are burned

Unbox with DAI

When using $DAI 90% of the tokens are sent to the treasury and 10% are utilized for team funding

Vesting Reduction

Optimize your Earnings with NFT Boosters

Common Boost

Reduce bond vesting period on your bond by 10%

Uncommon Boost

Reduce bond vesting period on your bond by 15%

Rare Boost

Reduce bond vesting period on your bond by 20%

Mythic Boost

Reduce bond vesting period on your bond by 25%

Epic Boost

Reduce bond vesting period on your bond by 30%

Legendary Boost

Reduce bond vesting period on your bond by 50%

Long Term Strategy

Revenue Streams for
Treasury Balance

Unboxing Activities

Unboxing Activities

The DAI used to open mystery boxes is sent directly to the treasury

Betting Fees

Betting Fees

10% of the fees generated by the Zero Loss Betting feature pot are directly sent back to the treasury

LP Fees & Bonds

LP Fees & Bonds

Liquidity Pool fees as well as Bond sales increase treasury revenue exponentially

AMM Fees

AMM Fees

0.04% of the AMM trading fees will be directly redirected back to the protocol treasury

Security By Design

BETIFY is a rebase currency backed by other digital currencies. This ensures that each token is backed by the protocol’s liquidity.

Multi Signature Treasury

Burning Mechanism

Timelocked Treasury

Audited Contracts


Bootstrap the project

Presale Details

Initial Liquidity & Backing Assets : 21%
Research & Development : 30%
Online Marketing : 26%
Exchange Listing Fee : 14%
Community : 4%
Audits & KYC : 5%

Total to Raise : 350,000 USDC

IFO Launchpad : 59%
Initial Liquidity : 18%
Private Sale : 12% ( 60 Days Vesting Period )
Team : 9% ( 180 Days Vesting Period )
Community : 3%

Initial Mint : 2,000,000 BET

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GambleFi DAO?

GambleFi DAO is the world’s first investor owned financial infrastructure based on bonding and protocol owned liquidity that merges the decentralized autonomous organization system with brand new disruptive gamification enhancements, through zero loss betting. 

How is Zero Loss Betting Possible?

To put it simply in our system no one ever loses capital on a bet. We collect user assets for a short period of time and lock it into the highest yielding staking pool for a week. Afterwards on the day the sport event happens the assets are removed and the yield is distributed between winners, while losers still get their initial investment back with no losses.

What are Booster Boxes?

Booster Boxes allow us to add a clever burning mechanism to the protocol, that will gradually increment our treasury. They reward users with utility NFTs that have various tiers of vesting reduction, allowing users to optimize their bond purchases.

What is Rebasing?

Rebasing is a process of minting new tokens that are paid to stakers.

When you stake BETIFY to the staking contract you will receive an equivalent of  our profit accruing token, BETSLIP in exchange. BETSLIP can’t be traded or transferred, so you can only hold them to earn profits. 

Let’s say we have 100K BETIFY staked in the protocol and 100K BETSLIP distributed against them. Now, say the protocol makes a profit of $1K and uses this profit to mint 1K BETIFY. Now there are 101K BETIFY against 100K BETSLIP. In this case BETSLIP supply needs to increase. so BETSLIP gets rebased by 1%.

When Will you Launch?

Our official launch is planned to be on the 16th of February through a fair launch method. Stay connected to our social media channels to be up to date with everything.

Can I Join a Whitelist?

There will be no whitelist but we will have an airdrop for the early lovers of the project that were interested in it.

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